SEN Australia is part of the international network that was founded by Christina Grof in 1980. The term 'Spiritual Emergence' was first coined by Dr Stanislav and Christina Grof - who are both therapists, researchers and writers in the field of personal transformation.


Aims of SEN


  • Raising awareness about Spiritual Emergence and Emergency

  • The referral of people undergoing experiences of Spiritual Emergence/y to sources of appropriate peer and professional support.

  • To provide professionals in the mental health field with greater understandings of the Spiritual Emergence framework.

  • To establish, or co-establish with other community groups, networks, crisis care teams and residential centres where alternative approaches to mental health and spiritual emergence are practiced and researched.


Who we are:

We are a growing network of people who have experienced, or are experiencing Spiritual Emergence and/or Emergency. Some of us work professionally in this field. Some have come into contact with the mental health system and others have not.


Members of the network receive occasional newsletters and notices, and over half have joined the email discussion group.  


SEN members live at great distance all around Australia. Together the current and previous committee members, and other peers in the network, offer telephone, Skype and sometimes face-to-face support for people in Emergence/y. 


Our current committee has members in Lismore, Sydney, Maleny, Darwin and Alice Springs.