Past Life Experiences

Extracts from: The Stormy Search for the Self by C. and S. Grof:

“…Whether or not we see these experiences as supporting evidence for a belief in reincarnation, they are important psychological phenomena with great healing and transformative potential.

“…To appreciate the psychological importance of past-life experiences, we have to realize that the concept of reincarnation, which is based on them, was nearly universal in ancient and pre-industrial cultures.

“…Another important aspect of past-life memories is their extraordinary therapeutic and transformative potential, which has been repeatedly confirmed by psychotherapists and consciousness researchers who study non ordinary states. When the content of a karmic experience fully emerges into consciousness, it can suddenly explain many otherwise incomprehensible aspects of one’s daily life. Strange difficulties in relationships with certain people, unsubstantiated fears, peculiar dislikes and attractions, as well as obscure emotional and psychosomatic problems now seem to make sense as karmic carry-overs from a previous lifetime.”​

Extracts from: Spiritual Emergency by C. and S. Grof:

“…Among the most dramatic and colorful transpersonal episodes occurring in non-ordinary states of consciousness are experiences of sequences taking place in other historical periods and other countries. They are usually associated with powerful emotions and physical sensations and often portray the persons, circumstances, and historical settings in which they take place in minute detail. Their most remarkable aspect is a convincing sense of personally remembering and reliving something that one had experienced previously.

“…Past-life experiences can present problems in several different ways. Before their content emerges fully into consciousness and reveals itself, one can be haunted in everyday life by strong emotions, physical feelings, and visions without knowing where these are coming from or what they mean.”